Serious question.
The following is borrowed shamelessly from Brandon Vogt:
More specifically, I'd love for you to fill in this blank: "I'm not Catholic because __________." 
It's easy for Catholics like me to assume we know the reasons why others reject Catholicism
But I don't want to assume; I want to listen. I want to hear your own thoughts. What's the one thing that really bugs you about Catholicism? What teachings do you see as utterly irrational or morally bankrupt? What are the biggest barriers to you believing in God or in the Catholic Church? 
This isn't a debate. I won't attempt to refute you. I just want to listen.

[NB: Although the above meme carries the sense of being frustrated at the non-Catholic, I really just used it because I could fit the extra page tab in my blog by using minimal letters in the questions "Y U NO RC?" The quote above is the true spirit in which this question is asked. :) ]

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