Friday, 18 January 2013

Looks like there might be a bit more blogging in the near future...

... as I have to have an operation.

I'm not going to tell you what it's for, precisely, as the details are rather gross, but essentially there's a lump that needs removing. :(

I've never had an operation, so I'm pretty scared, even though it's not a big one.

Also I'm troubled about missing work, which is only one day a week, but I enjoy it so much and I haven't been there long, and I feel like such a failure being all like, "so, can I just have a few weeks off even though we agreed to only 8?" But hopefully I'll be able to work from home, or something. Which I already am doing, in my own time.

ALSO I'm really not on keen on missing out on the whole last month of my holidays. I love holiday time, and the idea of being stuck in bed for any amount of time seems like such a waste. The fact that it's summer, and a very HOT one in Sydney at the moment, means that I'll miss out on the swimming fun times too.

Now for the positives!

I'll get HEAPS of reading time. YAY!! I prefer to read books by spending several solid hours on them in one go, which will be much easier to achieve if I can't move about much.

I'll also have heaps of blogging time! So maybe I'll finally get to writing some more interesting stuff.

This dreaded operation will finally be over, it's been put off for far too long, and has been hanging over my head.

And it will be done just in time for uni, no need to defer for a semester, hoot! I was concerned that might be a real possibility.

So, I am resigned to it. But that's not the right attitude, is it? We ought not to be merely resigned to God's will, but rather joyfully embrace it. So that's what I will do. Or try to, anyway.

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