Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sticking to my resolution

So today was the 2nd Sunday of 2013, which means it was the 2nd time I had to live out my resolution of doing Sundays well.

I started off my day by lying in bed for an hour and a half reading stuff on my phone... not exactly active leisure! Although tempted to then just while away the rest of the day lazily, I eventually convinced myself I was wasting my life and decided to bite the bullet and go for a run before I had breakfast. This took a good deal of willpower, as by this stage I was pretty hungry.

Then I did some reading about the Latin Mass, had lunch, fell a bit by going on my laptop for a while, but then cooked dinner, and went to Mass.

So overall, after a slow start, it was pretty good, considering I was in bed until 11.30; I managed to exercise, eat well, cook (this is something I'm working on), read, and go to Mass. (well at least that last one is normal.)

Hopefully soon I'll start organising more fun stuff, like actually get to a Latin Mass, take my family on a boating adventure, play some tennis, go for picnics.... oh, the possibilities! :)

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