Friday, 15 February 2013

Reflecting on my daily routine for 2013

Something that I've been interested in for a while is the idea of having a routine to my work and prayer, such that I don't feel rushed and stressed, and that everything gets done, and my relationships with God, family and friends don't suffer.

Here are some great articles that have influenced my thinking.

On getting up early:

This is going to be a big one this year. I'd really like to start getting up at 5 or 5:30, and using that time for prayer and/or study, so that I can relax with my family in the evenings, and actually contribute to family life, by cooking dinner, chilling with everyone, etc.

Five reasons you should wake up early:

A night owl asks if it is objectively better to get up early:

Admitting that I can't do everything:

I'm going to have to take stock of all the things I need to get done, prioritise them, and make sure I don't underestimate how long it takes to get stuff done. I really like the idea of scheduling in extra time for a leisurely breakfast outside on the veranda in the crisp morning air!

Making God the focus of my day:

I obviously won't be able to incorporate all these ideas, but it's great food for thought.

The Domestic Monastery:

Prioritising the Liturgy of the Hours:

The last link is actually a series of posts, so if you keep scrolling down you will find there are quite a number of articles on this topic.

(Lots of these come from Jen Fulwiler's Conversion Diary, if you hadn't noticed. Her thoughts on deliberate, intentional change of lifestyle from a Catholic perspective are ones I really identify with.)

When I've decided on a definite plan, I'll let y'all know! One things holding me back is that I haven't found a job yet, and uni hasn't started, so I can't completely plan my week out.


  1. Hmm, I love this. Prayer really is something we have to be so intentional about - otherwise it just doesn't happen. Last year, I got quite into the Liturgy of the Hours but in the last few months, have completely let it drop. I think it's time to bring it back! Also, love love love Jen Fulwiler so much. :)


  2. Indeed it does. In being stuck at home during recovery and unable to get to Mass for TWO WEEKS (!!!!!!!!), I have discovered anew just how pathetic I am on the days when I don't receive Holy Communion. Mum has been bringing me Communion, and oftentimes I have ended up praying and living in a more Christ-like way on those days, and failed epically on the others.

    And on the liturgy of the hours, yeah, it's pretty great. It's even better when you have a buddy to say it with. (I do it with my sister, but I've heard of it being done over the phone.)

    Agreeeed. She's such a legend.